At the law firm of Mark J. Guay, P.C., we believe that the way to teach sustainability is to start by showing how a company can be sustainable. Inside the law firm, we focus on recycled products in our office supplies and equipment and carefully choose the vendors we do business with. Outside the law firm, from a client perspective, we focus on the many ways that sustainable business practices can be addressed in corporate strategy meetings, at both the shareholder and director level for corporations or the management and member level for LLCs. By combining sustainability with strategy, we show how leadership works from top-down to bottom-up constructs. Finally, as a member of Green America for over a decade, we have learned from their “Inside Out and Outside In” concept to take action and inspire those around us to do so also, from the clients we work with, the students we teach in post-graduate law school courses, and the community activities we participate in. We Build Great Teams®.